Advertising Format Suite

Standard Advertising Formats

  • Standard Big Banner: 760x120, 728x90

    Standard Big Banner: 760x120, 728x90

  • Standard Big Banner: 760x120, 728x90

  • Standard Mrec (Medium Rectangle) 300x250

  • Half Page (Double Skyscraper): 300x600

  • Standard tile: 300x60, 300x50

  • Standard Tile: 300x60, 300x50

  • Billboard 970x250

  • Billboard 970x250

Mobile and Apps

Mobile website ( advertising placements and Apple/Android App options.

  • Mobile website 300x250 mrec

  • 300x50 standard mobile website tile

  • Mobile interstitial collapsing to 300x250 Mrec

  • Mobile interstitial collapsing to 300x50 tile

  • Mobile interstitial collapsing to 320x50 tile

  • iPad app banner

  • Snow app splash screen (sponsorship)

  • Snow app tile 320x50

  • Marine app Maritime New Zealand splash screen (sponsorship)

  • Marine app tile 320x50


  • Towns and cities takeover with background skins and mrec

  • Shark Week homepage takeover

  • Grabaseat "Septemperature" map integration

  • Pak n Save map integration

  • Cruiseabout map integration

  • Mercedes-Benz Homepage map background

  • Interactive billboard takeover

Rich Media

User initiated creatives with animation or video, expandables that go beyond the confines of the standard display spaces, and campaigns that use forecast data.

  • Billboard with video embedded

  • Expandable mrec on homepage

  • Expandable mrec 300x250 > 300x600

  • 760x120 > 760x240 big banner expandable

  • Big banner 760x120 > 760x625 expandable

  • Video pre-roll

Forecast Photo Replacement

Replacement of forecast photo on towns-cities pages. Photo to replace a forecast type, eg all fine or rain. Can be clickable or/and have a companion mrec. Please refer to spec sheet for details.

  • Forecast image for fine/partly cloudy today with companion mrec

  • Forecast image for fine with companion mrec.

  • Forecast image with mrec.


A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, here are some examples

  • Traffic sponsorship

  • Rural news sponsorship

  • Telfast pollen sponsorship (mobile)

  • Telfast pollen sponsorship

  • Email sponsorship

  • Garden guide sponsorship

  • Australia sponsorship