Innovative AUTO METARs bringing landmark change to NZ's international airports

A MetService innovation that’s bringing a landmark change to New Zealand’s international airports is the introduction of automated aviation weather observations – AUTO METARs.

The new system is also attracting overseas interest for its innovative approach to providing valuable observations for aviation forecasting and flight operations.

The new automation system includes features designed to ensure high quality and reliability. Duplicate weather stations at each airport provide complete redundancy, right down to individual sensor level, along with four independent communications paths to ensure continuous operation. A new ‘present weather quality control’ algorithm compares sensor reports with other observations and refines the reports where necessary. Data from the lightning detection network adds further refinement whenever thunderstorms occur at or near airports.

The new system enables AUTO METARs to be delivered twice as often, and eliminates the possibility of missed observations. Consistent, standardised formatting fits seamlessly with the trend towards more automated data delivery to aircraft cockpits – and delivers a new standard of observations reporting. One minute updates of ‘actual’ airport weather enable airlines, air traffic management and airports to constantly monitor changes in weather conditions for approach, landing and take-off.

Changing the game through technology is an integral part of how we deliver accelerated results for our customers.

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