Emergency Information

Preparing for, and staying up to date during a severe weather event is easy to do if you know where to start.

Your first port of call to know what kinds of impact to prepare for, and when they are likely to happen, is to keep up to date daily with our Severe Weather Warnings and Watches as they are issued:

Other ways to stay updated and stay safe:

  • Follow your local Civil Defence team on Twitter (click on this search to help find them)
  • Visit the Civil Defence Get Ready Get Thru website for tips on how to prepare for storms and other disasters.
  • Watch our daily MetService TV videos (particularly the Severe Weather videos) on our websites and NZ Weather app
  • Follow MetService New Zealand on Facebook and @MetService on Twitter.
  • Follow your local NZTA team on Twitter (click on this search to help find them)
  • Follow any Air New Zealand travel alerts (on their website here).

As always, the MetService forecasting team will be monitoring the weather situation closely and, with the help of our communications team, will keep everyone well updated through our channels above.