Make an enquiry or request

Make an enquiry or report an issue

Before making a request we encourage you to check out the sources of information below, as you may find the information you need is already publicly available on our website or elsewhere:

 Please also review our Guidelines for Engagement page which addresses expectations around the use of social media, and the MetService’s policies on privacy and copyright.


General enquiries

Please email


Reporting a bug or technical issue

To report a bug or technical issue with or a MetService App, email with:

  • a comprehensive description of your problem,
  • your device and/or operating system (eg iOS 10.4 or Windows 10)
  • your browser type or app version (eg Google Chrome 65.0.3325.18 or Metservice Rural app v1.0.6). The MetService app version number can usually be found in the left hand menu.
  • Where possible, please include screenshots clearly showing the issue.

This will help us to diagnose and fix your problem as quickly as possible.


Getting in touch via social media:

You can ask questions, interact with and share your weather observations with our meteorologists on social media

Making an Official Information Act request

Requests should include your name, your postal address or preferred email address, and specific details of the information you want.

You can email or

Post your request to:

OIA Requests
PO Box 722
Wellington 6140