Guidelines for engagement

Our online communities include people of all ages and backgrounds. Please be respectful of others when you post in a public forum like our social pages.

Please ensure that what you post is appropriate for all ages and is yours to publish.

We reserve the right to remove any comments, posts or images that are disrespectful to others (or are otherwise not in the spirit of these guidelines).

Please do not:

  • Posts from or links to other weather pages - we're New Zealand's national weather authority. It is important there's no confusion about who provides official weather updates, particularly when weather gets severe. Where another official weather organisation is providing relevant and authoritative information, we'll share it ourselves.

  • Post defamatory, libellous, false or misleading comments, abusive or derogatory comments about others - we will hide these posts immediately, and repeat posts of this nature will result in you being blocked from posting to our pages.

  • Use our forums to promote a belief, cause or business - if you do so, your posts will be removed by a moderator. It's important that everyone can trust what they see there.

  • Post personal information - about yourself or others, such as private addresses or phone numbers.


Your Privacy

We may collect and use information posted to our pages for the purpose of administering the page, considering and/or addressing any comments made, and evaluating the effectiveness of our communications. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of Facebook or any linked websites. Find out more about our Privacy Policy at



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You are welcome to share your content on our pages. MetService does not claim any ownership rights for content that you share with us, and copyright is maintained by the owner.

Please note that, by:

  • posting images on our Facebook page

  • posting images and tagging us by our username @MetService on Twitter or @MetServiceNZ on Instagram, or 

  • posting images and using the #metservice (or #metservicenz) hashtag,

you grant MetService New Zealand permission to share your images via our website, social media accounts and on occasion via other marketing activity.
If your photo is used by MetService in any way, your username or Instagram/Twitter handle will always be credited and, where we wish to use it for marketing purposes, we will attempt to contact you beforehand to confirm and get your OK on the nature of that usage.