Ask MetService Community Guidelines

Ask MetService is a community where people can share knowledge and seek information about the weather. 

As well as searching and finding answers to commonly asked questions without having to register, you can choose to take an active part in the Ask MetService community by registering. This enables you to submit new questions, ideas, feedback and praise, as well as comment on other posts or start a conversation. 

There are just a few basic rules that help make the community a great resource for all our weather fans. For everyone's sake, we're committed to enforcing these guidelines - so please do your bit by reading and following them too.

  1. Keep it real: the team at MetService consists of real people who love their work and are keen to engage with you about all things to do with the weather. Please use your real identity when posting to the community - while not mandatory, it sure makes it easier for us to engage with you and treat you like a real person too! If you want to communicate with us privately, you can - just use the 'Post this conversation privately' tick box option.
  2. Be constructive: whether you're posting a question, an idea, a problem or praise, think about how it will land with others and keep your comments focused on finding solutions and answers.
  3. Respect your fellow members: we want people from all walks of life to be able to engage with us here - so please ensure that what you post is rated G and is yours to publish. And because our brand is on it, we reserve the right to remove any comments, posts or images that are disrespectful to others (or are otherwise not in the spirit of these guidelines).
  4. No hawking! this is a community, not TradeMe. It’s okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If you’re here to plant a ton of links to your website without doing much else, your posts will be removed by a moderator.