MetService is New Zealand's only CAA-certified provider of aviation weather information, in accordance with Civil Aviation Rule, Part 174. We are also certified to AS/NZ 9001:2015 standards.

We specialise in innovative weather information systems across a number of key industries, and the supply of the latest high quality aviation weather information you need to conduct flight operations in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.  From recreational pilots through to commercial airlines, MetService has a weather information management and delivery system to meet your needs – helping you minimise your weather risk and operate more safely and efficiently.

NEW Graphical NZ SIGWX Chart launches 27 February 2018

Click on the image below to watch the video or download the user guide to familiarise yourself with the changes: Graphical NZ SIGWX Chart User Guide - May 2018 | PDF 440KB

NZGSWX Chart video image


Aviation Weather Services – Products & Availability | PDF 1MB

Customised Services

We provide customised services (OPMET, route forecasts, weather graphics and GRIB data) for airlines, charter, cargo/freight and corporate operators and general aviation, to meet the specific needs of individual operators. These services can be provided for flights operating anywhere in the world. A particular speciality of MetService is the provision of weather charts (significant weather and wind and temperature forecasts) that can be tailored for any particular area of the world specified by an aircraft operator. In addition, all customised services can be delivered by the means that best suit individual aircraft operators.

A new innovation that's gaining international attention is the provision of AUTO METARs for New Zealand's international airports. You can read more about this new service here: AUTO METARs bringing landmark change to NZ's international airports

MetFlight GA

MetFlight GA is an aviation weather information website for recreational pilots, providing high quality graphics, OPMET and tailored products suitable for VFR or IFR recreational flights at or below 10,000 ft in New Zealand.  NZ licenced pilots can gain access to the site via a simple online subscription system.

MetFlight GA – Free of charge, 1 July 15 | PDF 170KB

MetFlight Commercial

MetFlight Commercial is an aviation weather information website for use by flying clubs, flight training organisations and small commercial organisations, operating air transport operations in accordance with CAR Part 115 or 135. The site provides high quality graphics, OPMET and tailored products suitable for VFR or IFR at or below 10,000 ft in New Zealand.

MetFlight GA & MetFlight Commercial Comparison | PDF 83KB


MetJet is an easy-to-use website providing extensive coverage for OPMET, suitable for the essential day-to-day functions of small to medium airline operations.  MetJet also delivers high quality graphics including charts, satellite and radar imagery, volcanic ash graphics, scheduling, packaging and delivery by e-mail or facsimile; aerodrome alerting; and access to 1-minute aerodrome observations, including multiple route forecasts.  Modular and scalable according to your operational needs, MetJet uses self-service technology to meet the dynamic requirements of an evolving and changing aviation industry.


A simple web-based tool providing up-to-the-minute live data from the airport of your choice in an active MetDisplay. Similar to the ATC tower weather display used at most of New Zealand’s airports, MetDisplay shows the information you need – right when you need it.

WeatherTrak II

WeatherTrak II is a web-based real time aviation weather information and weather management system, designed primarily for medium to large airlines, supplying exactly the weather you specify at the touch of a button.  From high quality graphics to OPMET and special products, WeatherTrak II will ingest airline flight schedules then package, schedule and deliver the required information electronically to the location of your choice.

A new addition to WeatherTrak II is the introduction of the WeatherTrak Mobile Wx app for iPads.
You can read more about this new service here: Introducing the WeatherTrak Mobile Wx app for iPads


To find out more about the services we offer to the Aviation industry, contact:

Ray Thorpe, GM NZ Sales   P. +64 4 470 0739   E. ray.thorpe@metservice.com