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MetService’s public role as New Zealand’s National Meteorological Service - the country's only official forecasts and warnings provider - makes us passionate about weather information being portrayed correctly, no matter what.

We are your number one weather news authority.


For 24/7 contact regarding forecasts, watches and warnings, call:

Business hours:

  • Communications Meteorologist on 04 4700 754
  • Media Shift on 04 4700 848 (incl weekends)
  • email

To schedule an early morning live interview, please phone prior to 6:00pm the previous evening.


Outside business hours and overnight:

  • Lead Forecaster (via our Service Desk) on 04 4700 700


Our key spokespeople

Lisa Murray

Georgina Griffiths


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Lisa Murray
Communications Meteorologist

DDI: +64 4 4700 754

Lisa Murray is your first point of contact for weather commentary across New Zealand and the South Pacific. She works closely with our entire team of meteorologists, and is able to link you with MetService’s other weather experts if you have a specialised weather enquiry. Lisa also fronts our public weather education activities through various online and face-to-face channels, with the support of our Media Shift and other members of the forecasting team.

Posting as ^Lisa on MetService's social media sites, Lisa is not only a lead meteorologist with over 10 years' experience, but also an experienced trainer and communicator. As a meteorological instructor, she has contributed to the skill of meteorologists both at MetService and in the national weather services of our South Pacific neighbours.

Georgina Griffiths
Local Weather Consultant Meteorologist

Mobile: +64 27 702 4622

Georgina Griffiths is one of our Auckland-based meteorologists and has many years of experience working with media in previous roles. Georgina works alongside our Communications Meteorologist and Media Shift team to provide commentary on longer-term weather (e.g. El Nino), particularly for the Rural sector, as well as focusing on local weather events in the top half of the North Island.

Georgina is ^GG on our social media sites, and is a very experienced meteorologist and climatologist.  After training as a meteorologist with MetService, Georgina worked at Whenuapai Military Base, and then spent a number of years with NIWA working on extreme weather and the climate factors behind it, before returning to join our Auckland forecasting team. Most recently, she has focused on severe weather in an advisory role to Auckland Council Civil Defence.

Media Shift Meteorologists

DDI: +64 4 4700 848

The Media Shift is a daytime roster of experienced meteorologists working 7 days a week to ensure we're always available for media comment and public communication. From general through to expert meteorologists, our Media Shift team support our Communications Meteorologist and forecast room team to ensure you get the information you need to produce the best weather news story.

Shift members currently include:
Tom Adams (^TA), Andy Best (^AB), April Clark (^AC), Cam Coutts (^Cam), Amanda De Monte (^AdM), Ciaran Doolin (^CD), Claire Flynn (^CF), Stephen Glassey (^SG), Angus Hines (^AH), Rob Kerr (^RK), Gerrit Keyser (^GK), Kyle Lee (^KL), Peter Little (^PL), Tuporo 'Junior' Marsters (^JR), Tui McInnes (^TM), James Millward (^JM) and Hannah Moes (^HM).