About Us

Weather has the power to disrupt and destroy, yet at its most gentle it can relieve and restore.

Lying within the open oceans, sandwiched between the volatile Tropics and stormy Southern Ocean, Aotearoa New Zealand experiences some of the world’s most changeable weather. Antarctic southerly winds, subtropical downpours, temperate breezes, sweltering sun - we encounter it all. 

Whether you’re hanging out the washing, flying a plane, or preparing for a storm, MetService, Te Ratonga Tirorangi, is here to help you plan and prepare to be weather-ready.

The national weather authority

MetService is New Zealand's national weather authority and the Government-approved sole provider of severe weather warnings.   We are recognised for these roles by the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

We help people stay safe and make informed decisions based on the weather. We are a trusted organisation whose reputation has built over more than 160 years.

Working for you 24/7, 365 days of the year

Our National Forecasting Centre is the base for over 60 meteorologists, all trained to WMO standards. The team are permanently on watch over Aotearoa 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Not only do we provide land-based forecasting, we are also responsible for over 12 million square nautical miles of ocean.

Interpreting and communicating

Our meteorologists use their expertise to interpret model and observational data and predict the incoming weather. We produce forecasts that are timely and accurate. Communication is through our popular channels and the media in such a way that anyone can understand what the weather means for them. Civil defence and emergency services communities rely on our watches and warnings to keep the public safe during severe weather and natural disasters.

What we do saves lives, increases national resilience, protects the environment and boosts the productivity of our economy.

Innovative weather solutions

As a State Owned Enterprise established to deliver weather services to benefit New Zealand's people and economy, MetService has become a commercially successful science company.

Commercially, we deliver scientific insights and solutions that give local and international businesses a competitive edge in the transport, energy, media, resources, industry, infrastructure and retail sectors.

We deliver powerful weather intelligence by combining data, scientific rigour and valuable insights with the latest technology. An unrelenting approach to accuracy, quality and consistency underpins everything we do - lives and businesses depend on it.

Globally connected

MetService is a Kiwi organisation with a local and global view.  We contribute beyond our own shores as part of the WMO, working with our Pacific neighbours in regard to severe weather; the monitoring of tropical cyclones, volcanic ash and the southern ice shelf, as well as inputting observations into global models.

Changing weather

Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. As our weather becomes more severe the importance of meteorological expertise and the ability to translate it into meaningful weather warnings and insights is even more essential. MetService is proud to play a central role in helping build a safer, more resilient weather-ready nation.