Add your own weather station to Your Weather

Register for the WOW System

  • As the WOW System is owned and managed by the UK Met Office, you need to register for the WOW System and manage sites through them (in the WOW System, each weather station is called a Site).
  • Click here to register a new account or, if you already manage one or more sites on the WOW System, click here to login.

Create a new site

  • Once you have registered as a user in the WOW System, in the top level menu click on the ‘My Sites’ tab. This page lists any sites that you own. To create a new Site, click on ‘add site’.
  • The next screen is the Site Details screen, where all the detailed information about your site(s) goes. It might seem a bit daunting, but it’s worth spending the time to ensure you have all the information entered correctly. If you discover you don’t have all the information to hand, you can save your site then come back and edit things later.
  • The user guide that came with your weather station will list all the data sets that your station collects – use this to specify the Site Data Preferences information in the Site Details screen.
  • To understand how to complete the Location Attributes section, use the Site Ratings page to guide you.
  • Once you’ve created your site, you’ll see a Site Information panel listing your Site Details, Site Location, Location Attributes and Site Data Preferences. If you want to change any of these details, you can click on the ‘Edit Site’ button at the right of the page.
  • In order to allow the WOW System access to which site the observations are coming from, you will need to enter both your site ID number and your authentication key (which you will have set-up when you created your site).
  • Your site ID is a long string of letters and numbers which appears beneath the name of your site on the ‘My Sites’ page. You can view and change your authentication key in the ‘Edit Site’ page.

Connect your station to the WOW System

Now you need to get your compatible weather station and software set up.

Managing your sites

Whenever you’re logged into the WOW System, you can use the drop-down ‘Go to’ menu to go directly to your site’s observations. Or you can visit the Your Weather tab on your local Towns & Cities page on and see your latest observations there!

For everything you need to know about managing sites, visit the WOW System Support section or the Met Office WOW Forum on Google Groups.

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