Our brands

As the National Meteorological Service of New Zealand we operate under three brands which distinguish our national, international and oceanographic services.


MetService Logo

As MetService, our purpose is simple, to help people stay safe and make informed decisions based on the weather. MetService operate the National Forecast Centre and are New Zealand's only official provider of safety-critical severe weather information.

The MetService brand encompasses all services delivered within New Zealand, including public services delivered through our website and app platforms, information provided through national radio, print and broadcast partners, and commercial services through our enterprise platforms and products.


MetraWeather Logo

Our international brand, MetraWeather has become a global leader of weather information services in the energy, transport, retail, media, resources, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Amongst many accomplishments, MetraWeather provides weather visualisation and data services to all major Australasian news broadcasters and international broadcasters, Sky UK and Al Jazeera. Find out more.


MetOcean Solutions Logo

Our global oceanographic brand, MetOcean Solutions is a science-based consultancy offering specialist numerical modelling and analytical services combining meteorology and oceanography. MetOcean's high-quality environmental data, and expert interpretation, service the requirements of offshore and maritime industries as well as regulatory, defence and government agencies. Find out more.



Te Mangōpare - our brand symbol and its meaning

New Zealand’s rapid weather changes, frequent rain, distinctive cloud patterns and strong winds all had a huge influence on the daily life of Māori. Each region developed a rich store of insights and knowledge relating to the domain of Tāwhirimātea.  

The very first settlers of New Zealand voyaged across the Pacific Ocean in waka using the environment as their navigation aids – the stars, ocean swells, bird flight, and marine creature movements. The tohunga aboard the waka used their expert skills and tikanga knowledge to guide and protect the people from physical and spiritual forces while crossing the huge distances of open ocean to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud.

Mangopare symbol BLACK

The dynamic motion of a mangōpare (hammerhead shark) echoes the hydrological cycle that generates our weather and the constant interconnected flow of air and water, sea and sky. The twin mangōpare design reflects the two key aspects of our business - weather prediction and oceanography and their interrelationship. One of those physical and spiritual forces is depicted in our brand symbol, the twin mangōpare.  The mangōpare represents strength, leadership, agility, tenacity, unrelenting determination, courage, and wealth. 

The twin mangōpare are equally balanced, each component as vital as the other. Their tight partnership embodies the skills and talents of MetService’s staff, and their connection to the people we serve and strive to keep safe.