Introducing PreFlight

 Our new platform combining safety critical weather and aeronautical information

Aeropath, a subsidiary of Airways, and MetService have joined forces to develop a one-stop platform called PreFlight to better support the needs of pilots throughout Aotearoa.  

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What is PreFlight?


Launching in August 2022, the PreFlight platform will provide the aviation sector with both safety critical weather and aeronautical information required for commercial and recreational pilots. 

The information is provided by MetService and Aeropath.





What are the benefits?

PreFlight provides a suite of additional benefits to the aviation sector, these include:  

  • Operating on a mobile friendly interface.
  • Information is provided in a more modern, interactive format. 
  • The combination of both weather and aeronautical data on one platform. 


How can I register?

PreFlight will have all relevant information which is currently available on MetFlight. From August onward, visit to create your free account, for personal use.

Customers wishing to use PreFlight for commercial purposes should contact the team at MetService -

If you are an existing commercial customer we will be in contact with you directly to help set up your new PreFlight account. 


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Do I need a CAA ID number?

You do not need a CAA ID number to register, however you can record this information in your profile when you create an account.

Will my existing MetFlight login work on PreFlight?

No, you do need to create a new account on PreFlight.

Can I still use MetFlight?

You certainly can, however we strongly encourage you to register and start using PreFlight. As while MetService will continue to operate MetFlight in parallel with PreFlight for some time, it is likely that MetFlight will be retired as a product in December 2022.


We welcome your thoughts and feedback, from August you can provide feedback directly from the PreFlight platform - using the ‘Send us Feedback’ form, alternatively email our team who are here to help.