Transport & Roading

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The MetService Group provides decision-support services to the entire New Zealand transport spectrum.

Airport operations and carriers, ports, rail networks, and road transport operations are impacted and disrupted by weather events.

A key area of MetService’s focus is road-weather forecasting.

We are charged with protecting the lives and livelihoods of road users, and mitigating the impact of weather-related events on road users’ safety, mobility, productivity and profitability.

MetService works with NZ Transport Agency to provide a wide range of tailored road weather information services.  This valuable decision-making tool is supported by an extensive network of more than 50 automated road-weather observation sites, road weather consultancy and world-leading high resolution road weather forecasting techniques.

New Zealand’s state highway network is managed for the NZ Transport Agency by major road contracting companies. These contractors receive road-weather data and decision support services as part of the Agency’s contract with MetService.

Our Impact-based Decision Support Services (IDSS) services also support transport and logistics companies, local government, council road networks and health & safety practitioners.

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