nz energy

The MetService Group provides weather solutions to support energy generators (including renewables), transmission system operators, and energy distributors, retailers and energy traders.

Energy generation

Weather is a key variable across the energy supply chain. It dictates not only how much energy is needed but also how much can be produced and transmitted. MetService provide hydro, wind, solar and thermal power generators with a range of specialist forecast products and consulting services.  These site-specific forecasts include precipitation over hydro catchments, solar radiation, ambient temperatures, wind speed, pressure and humidity.

Energy transmission
Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are amongst the heaviest users of weather data in New Zealand. Their networks can be impacted by weather-driven demand and-severe weather events, lightning strikes on infrastructure, and risks to their distributed teams in-the-field. Highly-accurate weather forecasting helps TSO fulfil the vital role they fulfil for the businesses and communities they serve.

Retail and energy trading
Energy retailers and traders are sensitive to spikes in demand when extreme weather hits, and look for the forecast variables and anomalies that traders can profitably leverage. The MetService Group provides customised forecasts and one-on-one meteorological consultations with traders on the New Zealand energy markets about the impacts of weather events on energy consumption and demand.

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