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Almost all business sectors are impacted by weather events in some shape or form. The MetService Group’s scientists, forecasters and consultant meteorologists support an expanding and diverse range of customers in New Zealand with advanced weather studies and modelling, and insights and forecast guidance.

For example, The MetService Group has consulted with:

  • The insurance sector about their exposure to weather risks and validating weather-related claims
  • Supermarkets and garden centres to ensure their staffing rosters correlate with customer numbers at the checkout
  • Port authorities so logistics managers can safely achieve fast turnarounds of container vessels
  • Major international sporting events to ensure the safety of competitors and spectators
  • The Food and Beverage sector about correlating temperature’s influence on liquor and BBQ food sales
  • Airports managing severe weather disruption to travel plans and operations
  • Maritime agencies seeking details about currents and water elevation on the Hauraki Gulf over a period of 26 years.
  • Road contractors about avalanche risks to road users on high-density tourist routes
  • The agencies responsible for public safety in the mountains and on the rivers of New Zealand.

Scientists believe climate change is driving an escalation in the severity of weather events. Meteorological data and scientific studies are vital to analysing the risks posed by future severe events and how they might be mitigated.

MetService assists Government, councils, and civil defence and emergency services with meteorological and oceanographic consultancy services about severe weather events such as flooding, severe winds, forest fires, coastal inundation, avalanches and drought.

We also provide guidance and training about how to effectively communicate with media and communities when weather events pose risks to lives, livelihoods and property.
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