Graphical products make reading the weather easier

MetService has launched two new products that replace pages of text with information graphics. 

These are the Graphical New Zealand Significant Weather Chart (GNZSIGWX) and the Graphical Aviation Forecast (GRAFOR) 

Graphical Aviation Forecast (GRAFOR)

The GRAFOR provides the same level of information as the current ARFOR with clouds, weather, visibility, freezing levels and fronts all depicted. The entire country is viewable on one map making the weather briefing succinct and easy to follow. 

GRAFOR User Guide - June 2018 | PDF 4.5MB

Graphical New Zealand Significant Weather Chart (GNZSIGWX)

The GNZSIGWX Chart provides forecast information on the horizontal and vertical extent of turbulence, mountain waves, cumulonimbus clouds (CB) and icing for flights within the NZZC flight information region; and provides awareness information for hazardous phenomena such as volcanic ash and radioactive cloud within the NZZC flight information region. 

Graphical NZ SIGWX Chart User Guide - Updated 2023 | PDF 440KB

Please note that the video below refers to issue times of the GNZSIGWX that have since been changed. See the user guide in the link above for the most current information.