Tag us in your weather photos and we may just share them!

If you've taken some great weather photos and would like us to share them, just use one of the following ways to give us a nudge:

  • Use the #metservice (or #metservicenz) hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr

  • Tag us by our username @MetService on Twitter or @MetServiceNZ on Instagram

  • Upload them directly to our website on the New Zealand Weather image gallery

Your posts could then feature on the MetService New Zealand Weather image gallery on metservice.com! They could also be shared by us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. All images will be credited with your name or username. 



MetService New Zealand does not claim any ownership rights for photos that you share with us. However, by using the hashtag you grant MetService New Zealand permission to share your images via our website, social media accounts and on occasion sharing via other marketing activity.

If your photo is used by MetService in any way, your username or Instagram handle will always be credited.

You can contact us at any time to have your posts removed by emailing us at feedback@metservice.com, identifying your images and informing us that you no longer want us to use or share your photo.

MetService uses the Shuttlerock platform to share your weather photos. Their Privacy Policy can be found here. The MetService Privacy Policy can be found here.

Page updated: 1 October, 2015