Briefings to Incoming Ministers

MetService has two shareholding ministers - the Minister for State Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Finance. In addition, the Minister of Transport is the minister to whom we are responsible for the provision of New Zealand's public safety weather services (for details of what this entails, visit our National Weather Services page).

Whenever a new Minister is appointed to one of these portfolios, MetService prepares a Briefing for the incoming minister. The briefing process takes place as soon as possible once the Minister takes up office, and can include formal documents as well as meetings and other communications. The formal documentation associated with this briefing has become known as the Briefing to Incoming Ministers (BIM).

This page provides downloadable copies of BIMs that have been released to the public by these respective Ministers:

Briefing document prepared for the incoming Minister of State Owned Enterprises following the 2014 General Election: MetService Briefing to Incoming Ministers 2014

Briefing document prepared for the incoming Associate Minister of Transport following his appointment in May 2017: MetService Briefing to Incoming Associate Minister