Finding the 48-hour data for locations in your region

We’ve changed the way rural weather is displayed, but all of the information from the previous site is still available.

Head to the Rural section of the website by clicking the word ‘Rural’ along the top navigation bar, on smaller screens this is found in the drop down menu represented by 3 horizontal lines. On a desktop device a map will appear, click on the region of interest to you and this will zoom you into that region. If the region you are looking for is not on the map, scroll down the page to see the list of all rural forecast areas.

Alternatively, you can find any location quickly by typing directly into the search bar, suggestions will appear as you type.

1 Rural Regions v1 R1

By default the regional forecast for the next three days is displayed in the box to the left of the map, below the map is the Extended Regional Forecast which covers the next ten days. These forecasts apply to the region indicated by the shaded blue area:

2 Canterbury Plains Rural forecast v1 R1


Locations specific information for that region will be either indicated with a name, or a pin showing current rainfall conditions.

  • Locations with a pin show live observations which are updated every 10 minutes, if you click on these, the spot information for that location will appear in a box to the left of the map.
  • Locations with a name contain more detailed forecasts – click on the location relevant to you and the next three days temperature, & rainfall probability forecasts will appear on the left of the page. Clicking ‘View Full Forecast’ will take you to the detailed written forecast for that location and the 48-hour observations & computer model forecast:

3 Canterbury Plains Rural v1 R1

4 Methven Rural v1 R1

If this information is important to you, consider clicking the star in the search bar while on this page to make it a favourite, it will then be visible whenever you visit the site.

Your top favourite will also appear on the homepage whenever you visit the site.

5 Methven Fav v1 R1



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