Finding Boating and Surf forecasts

The way to access marine forecasts has changed. You’ll now need to first select the location you are interested in, then the type of forecast you’re after. There are also some new ways to see marine information that weren’t available on the previous site.


If you know exactly what forecast you are after, the fastest way to find your forecast is by search. Suggestions will appear as you type.

Water Activities:

All town and city forecast pages that are near marine areas now feature a new sub-menu called ‘Water Activities’. This page will display all nearby boating, surf, recreational and coastal forecasts.

Water activites on towns page screenshot


The Marine Section:

To see forecasts for a specific marine region, head to the Marine section of the site by clicking the word ‘Marine’ in the top navigation bar, on smaller screens this is found in the drop down menu represented by 3 horizontal lines. On a desktop device a map will appear, click on the region of interest to you and this will zoom you into that region. If you are on a mobile, you can either open the map, or select a location from the list.Marine Regions homepage screenshot

Once you are in a region, the map will show you all of the available information for that area. You can narrow this down using the sub-menus or the filters. Bay of Plenty Marine overview screenshot

 If you prefer to see your forecasts on a list, simply scroll down the page, these are found just below the map.

3 Bay of Plenty Marine List screenshot

Click on a location and ‘View Full Forecast” to see the spot forecast. If you use a particular forecast frequently, try adding it as a favourite by clicking on the star icon in the search bar while on that page. Surf forecast for Matata screenshot



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