NZ Weather Calendar

The New Zealand Weather Calendar is published every year by Potton & Burton, in conjunction with MetService.

Each calendar features 12 images of beautiful, fascinating or unusual New Zealand weather events, taken by photographers from all over the country. Each image is accompanied by a detailed and fascinating description of the weather phenomena depicted, written by one of MetService's expert meteorologists.

Each month also features news 'snippets' about weather events that took place on days of that month in years past. Handy information on where to find MetService weather information completes the wide range of weather content featured in the calendar, which will appeal to anyone with a love of the grandeur and beauty of New Zealand's landscape - or a fascination with our nation's weather! 

You can purchase the calendar online from Potton & Burton's website. Check out the archive of past years' calendars here.

2018 NZ weather calendar BACK cover

2018 NZ weather calendar cover