Mangopare - our brand symbol and its meaning

Mangopare symbol BLACK

Our brand symbol depicts twin Mangopare (hammerhead sharks), a symbol used by Maori throughout New Zealand to represent strength, leadership, agility, tenacity, unrelenting determination, courage, and wealth. 

The movement of the Mangopare depicts the constant and inter-connected flow of air and ocean currents, recalling that weather is at the heart of our business. 

Mangopare embodies the spirit and values of our brand – game changing, inquisitive, agile and rigorous – which give us the tenacity and strength to achieve our purpose of creating wealth through weather. 

The Mangopare are equally balanced, each component being as vital as the other, signifying the equal importance of the skills and talents of our individuals, and the powerful, unified and supportive MetService culture of which we are all part.