Open Access Data

MetService makes certain information freely available for personal, professional or commercial use [subject to Clause 4 of the website Terms & Conditions regarding Access to Information]. We call this Open Access Observational Data.

You can access this information as follows:

3 hourly observational data from the surface synoptic network: or

6 hourly upper air data (temperature, humidity and winds): and and and and and and and

3 hourly radar reflectivity (rainfall rate) images, in colour:
available via MetWeb FTP access - contact us and ask for Open Access Rain Radar images

3 hourly satellite data images related to eastern Australia, the Tasman Sea, and New Zealand:

Other observational data received over the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) - e.g. ship, buoy and aircraft reports - over a similar area to that covered by the satellite images:

To find out more about the kinds of data we acquire and its availability, read Our Data Access Policy