Open Access Data

MetService makes certain information freely available for personal, professional or commercial use [subject to Clause 4 of the website Terms & Conditions regarding Access to Information]. We call this Open Access Observational Data.

You can access this information as follows:

3 hourly observational data from the surface synoptic network: or

6 hourly upper air data (temperature, humidity and winds):

Hourly radar reflectivity (rainfall rate) images, in colour:
Available via MetWeb FTP access - contact us and ask for Open Access Rain Radar images

3 hourly satellite data images related to eastern Australia, the Tasman Sea, and New Zealand:

Other observational data received over the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) - e.g. ship, buoy and aircraft reports:

The WMO Information System (WIS) is the mechanism by which National Meteorological and Hydrological Services around the world undertake weather and climate-related data exchange and management.

MetService undertakes this function for New Zealand, with state-of-the-art  telecommunication facilities providing connections to countries across the South Pacific,  and to major global weather centres such as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Japan Meteorological Agency, the United States National Weather Service, and the United Kingdom’s Met Office. 

Information about the data exchanged on the WIS is held in a number of online catalogues containing a wide range of meteorological data and products. If you’d like to learn more about the WMO Information System, please email


 To find out more about the kinds of data we acquire and its availability, read Our Data Access Policy